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Review: WE TT-33 Tokarev GBB Pistol



Here is a review I really enjoyed doing since its a great looking gun with a very nice recoil:

One of the less discussed Airsoft event segment is the re-enactment game, where a group of players who share the interest of a particular war period get together and shoot each other with guns and gear used for that war period. This is probably a simplistic way to put it, and perhaps is not fair to the growing popularity of these events where experienced regular Airsofters or simply war history enthusiasts get together to remember how war was waged say during Vietnam, World War 2 or even World War I.

The gun that CWI Airsoft sent me to review this time has a lot of history behind it (well, not the actual replica, but the real steel version it represents), and goes back to the 1930s when it was originally conceived by Fedor Tokarev as a service pistol for the Soviet Army.

The gun design was ultimately copied and produced by other countries such as Yugoslavia and China adopted in several other countries.


To continue reading click here.

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WE G34 Custom – a proper gun customization!

Published on July 26, 2014 by in News, Products


WE Airsoft have come up with some very nice photos of their WE G34 customization which is looking smokin hot!

From what you can see on the photos, this includes a new two stage metal trigger, new slide, very cool outer barrel with inscriptions, slide back plate with a skull, night sights and chrome grip base.


They just took the WE G34 to a whole new level!!

More info ate WEAirsoft Facebook page


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WETTI ends Relationship With WE Airsoft Europe

Published on May 19, 2014 by in News, Partners, Products


WETTI Ends Relationship With WE Airsoft Europe 

Thursday, May 15, 2014.

WE Tactical Training (International) Ltd. (WETTI), a leading supplier of airsoft products, announced today that it will discontinue the relationship with WE Airsoft Europe due to the inability to reach a mutual business agreement. Effective immediately, WE Airsoft Europe will no longer be the official representation of WE in Europe, the European Union and surrounding regions. WETTI will no longer deliver products to WE Airsoft Europe. This decision ends sales (including all WE products), service parts, and all related support between both companies.

Our business relationship with WE Airsoft Europe began in January 2013. WETTI does not expect the termination of its agreement to have a material impact on servicing our customers and intends to work closely with retail partners in the European Union to ensure a smooth transition. Although we are disappointed about the termination of agreement, our value proposition remains strong. Our team will continue to move forward with clear focus on expanding our distribution reach even further, and deliver good service to our worldwide customers on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we reserve the right of legal action against WE Airsoft Europe on unauthorised use of the trademark and any misleading statement, suspected fraudulent or illegal activity.

For further inquiry please contact weairsoft.com

we airsoft europe

WE Airsoft Europe

Dear Friend’s

Excellent news for WE AIRSOFT EUROPE and more importantly our valued customers – In a nutshell more European factory controlled stock and better service.

Fortunately for WE AIRSOFT EUROPE we severed any ties last SEPTEMBER with WETTI due to their lack of professionalism, commitment, loyalty and service.

Subsequently the market has benefited from quality controlled stock with a unprecedented array of support goods carrying all the legal UK and EUROPEAN certification. This gives the retailer peace of mind and consumer value for money.

IMPORTANT – Please note WETTI are NOT the FACTORY, They are not the MANUFACTURE of WE goods and NEVER have been. So we are quite bemused over there recent statement.

If there is any doubt WE AIRSOFT EUROPE are pleased announce our latest shipment of dedicated European stock with unique quality controlled features such as CE & RoHS applied markings, and QC FACTORY applied sticker.

Furthermore WE AIRSOFT EUROPE are working on new and exciting range of products to be released soon.

So keep an eye out guys!

WE AIRSOFT EUROPE hope this statement quashes any uncertainty and please note its business as usual.

Have a great day!

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Try the new WE TT33 this weekend near London!



Come join Operator7 and other Airsoft players on next 27th of October at SpringView Ranges near London and experience first-hand the brand new TT33 from WE Airsoft that I will be reviewing soon!

You are also invited to join us at the walk on game that will be held in the same day between 8:00h and 16:00h.

SpringView Ranges have a great Airsoft Woodland site and some great facilities and services.

So if you are in the London are or traveling to London this weekend, just drop by or contact us to know more.


How to get there:

Springview Ranges

Springview Quarry, Flaunden Lane, Flaunden, Hertfordshire, HP2 ONS

Long/Lat are: 51.698129 N 0.5440505 W


For directions we recommend you use the Green Dragon Pub as a reference for your Sat-Nav, Green Dragon Pub, Flaunden, Hertfordshire HP3 0PP. Tel 01442 832269.

With the pub on your right just follow the road round for approximately 1 mile and you will see the quarry gates on your right.

For more info on Springview Ranges visit their website:


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WE Airsoft P-Viruses GBB first videos

 we p-viruses

Last week we told you about WE Airsoft new GBB pistol,the P-Viruses (see HERE), well today we bring you the first two videos that appeared on you about this new pistol from WE Airsoft.

The first video showcases the case on which the P-Viruses comes when you buy it.

The second video shows the P-Viruses being shot by a Asian girl.

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WE Europe Airsoft Gas

Published on October 15, 2013 by in News, Products

WE Green Gas

Ross from WE Europe sent us a note on the newest product from WE Europe Airsoft Gas.

This will be a high performance gas with the WE Airsoft Europe branding.

There is no more information in terms of pricing or other features that will set it apart from the competition at the moment, but as soon as we’ve got some new information on this we’ll post it here for you.

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WE Airsoft – P-Viruses GBB Pistol



WE Airsoft released today a batch of photos through their Facebook page of their newest addition for their GBB Pistol line, the P-Viruses GBB Pistol, no other information was released with the pictures but from what we can see it looks like i highly costumized dual-tone Sig Sauer P226 with a skeletonized trigger and hammer, extended magazine, custom grip,extended beavertail, extended controls (mag release,slide release,decocker,safety, takedown lever), high visibility sights and a really bad ass flash hider also from what we can se in the pictures the P-Viruses comes with a cool case for storage and transportation.

Despite the lack of information available for now on the P-Viruses GBB Pistol, we believe that this pistol will be full-metal as most of the WE Airsoft GBB pistol are.At this moment the only information released by WE Airsoft was:

Check out the brand new WE P-Viruses pistol! Coming to quality airsoft retailers near you soon!

We will update you on this new Airsoft pistol as we find out more about it, but for now we live you with the pictures of the WE Airsoft – P-Viruses GBB Pistol.

we p-viruses pistol

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WE Airsoft Europe website now Live

Published on September 20, 2013 by in News, Partners

we europe online



Since the launch of our Advanced Weaponry Simulator System (A.W.S.S.) in 2008, we’ve had our sights set on redefining the use of realistic gas blowback platforms as a viable training options for the military and law enforcement personnel. Our worldwide-patented AWSS platform has been tested & evaluated by many of the world’s military & law enforcement agencies.

Input by these professionals has seen the AWSS being further developed into a consistent, reliable, and powerfully realistic airsoft rifle system for  pro or  casual airsofters alike. Our continuing commitment to stay at the forefront of technology, our dedication to provide the best cost/performance ratio products, as well as our industry-defining customer service/interaction policy will ensure our success in the future.

WE Airsoft Europe is the official European division based in Europe, the aim of WE Europe is to provide a gateway to Europe for WE products as well as a dedicated service channel with physical stock holding in Europe.

As the first manufacturer to set up a European division WE can now focus on its clients within the European Union and surrounding regions directly.

WE Europe is here to help you every step of the way!

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WE Airsoft to release SCAR AEG Series


we airsoft europe

WE Airsoft Europe announced this week a new release on WE Airsoft AEG line, the MK AEG series, that basically consists on three variants of the FN SCAR used by several branches of the Military around the world. The models included on the We Airsoft MK AEG series are the SCAR-L Mk 16, SCAR-H Mk 17 and the SCAR SSR ( Sniper Support Rifle ) Mk20. For the time for the time being there is no information on prices or release date for the MK series, but according to WE Airsoft Europe the MK series will be released in Europe,Asia and the USA.

we scar aeg

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WE Airsoft – Masada GBBR prototype test video

Published on August 29, 2013 by in News, Products

WE Airsoft -MSK-Tan

10 days ago, on the 19th of August we told you about WE Airsoft working on the WE – MSK GBBR (SEE HERE) , well today we found a video that shows a prototype of the WE – MSK being tested and of course we had to tell you about it, enjoy =)

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