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Blue Force Gear Introduces Urban Wolf

Published on May 14, 2013 by in News, Products

BFG Logo no background
Blue Force Gear ® introduces their product line in Urban Wolf at SOFIC.  Urban Wolf is a specific shade of grey that blends well in many urban environments.  In low light situations the easiest colors to see are those with the highest contrast: white and so called “tactical” black.  Grey is a mid-tone and therefore has low contrast against average backgrounds – making it a good drab solid in a wide variety of situations and surroundings.

With the ever growing focus on security in densely populated urban, suburban, and industrial environments, security forces need a pattern that works with man-made settings and yet is not overtly camouflage.  Urban Wolf load carriage equipment works with blue, black, ranger green, and Arc’teryx LEAF Wolf uniforms in the urban direct action role as well as blending with civilian apparel for low visibility special reconnaissance missions.

LMAC in Wolf

“Urban Wolf is basically the color of wet concrete, near the color values of asphalt, steel, and reflective glass,” said John Felushko, Blue Force Gear’s Product Line Manager.  “It was designed by Arc’teryx specifically as a better alternative to black and blue in the SWAT role but because of its ability to blend with diverse terrains, we like it as a general purpose colorway for many missions, terrains, and tactics.”

Double M4 Pouch in Wolf

New Blue Force Gear products in Urban Wolf are on display May 14 – 15 in the Franklin Boardroom of the Embassy Suites across the Tampa Convention Center Franklin walkway.  It is also available for sale today at BlueForceGear.com.

About Blue Force Gear, Inc.

Blue Force Gear® designs the best weapon slings and leads the lightweight equipment revolution with its Ten-Speed™ multi-use pouches.   They also reinvented MOLLE to be the world’s lightest with their revolutionary MOLLEminus™ technology and Helium Whisper™ pouch attachment system.  Unrivaled innovation and attention to detail set Blue Force Gear apart from others in the tactical equipment industry.

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Review: Danner Melee 8-Inch In Multicam


Being such a Multicam addict I couldn’t resist the opportunity to review the new Danner Melee in, that’s right, Multicam! Since I am the proud owner of a pair of the TFX Rough-Out GTX in A-TACS, I have some very high expectations for these boots in terms of comfort and durability.

So let’s see exactly how the Danner Melee boots stack up!

Read the full review here.

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JJ Airsoft new KillFlash Series

Published on January 10, 2013 by in News



JJ Airsoft have developed a new serie of Killflash adapters for some select models of their red dot optics.


These will reduce the flash produced by the protective coating on the lenses.

They have it available at the moment for their T1 and M2 Aimpoint replicas, but they will be launching for thei Acog series and scope models.

For more information please visit JJ Airsoft.

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New PRI GENIII DELTA Handguard from Madbull Airsoft

Published on January 4, 2013 by in News

Madbull Airsoft are at it again, comin up with great products for Airsoft taken right out of the military world.

One of their newest is the PRI GENIII DELTA Handguard which is made out of carbon fiber, which is extremely lightweight!

In Madbull’s Airsoft own words, here’s where this awesome handguard has its origins:

 If you are into small arms history, you must have heard of SPR (Special Purpose Rifle.) The SPR, used by Special Operations Forces of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, is a heavily modified light sniper/designated marksman variation of the AR-15/M16 line of infantry weapons, and is chambered for NATO standard 5.56x45mm ammunition. The first SPR adopted famous PRI Gen I and Gen II carbon-fiber free-float handguard. Now, MadBull is proudly introducing fully licensed PRI handguard rails to Airsoft industry. One very important feature of PRI handguard is its carbon fiber main body. The carbon fiber can stop heat transfer from barrel to the handguard. Now this same handguard can be yours to get that classic SPR look on your gun. It has a light weight frame that is solid because of the carbon fiber construction. It comes with adjustable Picatinny rails to accessories. And it’s fully licensed by PRI.

So go ahead and check it out at Madbull’s site.

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Russian M1895 Nagant Revolver at CWI Airsoft

Published on December 12, 2012 by in News

Great news for Revolver lovers: CWI Airsoft have now in stock the Russian M1895 Nagant Revolver:

The M1895 revolver was used extensively by the Russian Imperial Army and later by the Soviet Union after the Russian Revolution. In Russian service, it was known for its extreme sturdiness and ability to withstand abuse. As one former Imperial Russian officer stated, “if anything went wrong with the M1895, you could fix it with a hammer”

So if you are in the market for unique and Era gun replicas, this is a great opportunity, since CWI Airsoft have two versions of the M1895 in Black  and in Silver finish. These revolvers are powered by CO2 and are  selling at $207.06.

For more information on the original gun visit Wikipedia, to get the Airsoft version got at CWI Airsoft.

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Review: WE XDM Compact 3.8 Short GBB Pistol

Just like its big brother XD-M, reviewed here in its Airsoft version by Moondog, the XD-M Compact belongs to the XD-M family from Springfiled Armory USA. These show an evolution of theirXD line of products which, as just acknowledged by Springfield and noted on Moondog’s video review, draws inspiration in a number of other popular guns but is presented in a very well finished and innovative package.

The XD-M Compact is of course noticeably smaller and more compact than most .45 ACP caliber guns. It also carried its frame from the XD-M with slightly modified contours and its purpose is to offer a compact and light weapon, easy to carry and conceal, with just about the same features and ergonomics that are present on the XD-M.

The Airsoft version is very faithful to the real steel, and its aesthetics makes it indeed a very remarkable and unique gun produced by WE.

I would like to thank Robert from CWI Airsoft for making this review possible.

To read the complete review click here.

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Review: Smith Optics Elite AEGIS Arc Multicam

Eye protection in Airsoft is critical. Without it you’ll risk losing your valuable and vital eyesight. The worst accident that can happen in Airsoft is not breaking an arm or a tooth, but rather losing an eye due to inexistent or poor eye shields. So an eye shield should be your very second purchase, right after you bought yourself an Airsoft gun.

Of course just like buying an Airsoft gun, you’ll notice there’s huge selection of eye protection that will range from goggles, sunglasses, glasses, masks, to mesh goggles.

Now if let’s think about each one for a while:

Goggles tend to fog up on winter and can become rather hot and bulky for summer (except in a sandstorm where they are extremely useful), even if you buy a good pair of goggles, they will always be rather large and cumbersome.

Sunglasses will be useless in low light environments, so you might have to buy a pair of protection or safety glasses with clear lenses, making you spend twice the money.

Some masks have integrated eye shields, but they mainly serve for CQB, since they’ll be hot in the summer and will surely fog up on winter unless they have some ventilation system.

Then, there’s mesh goggles, which as the urban airsoft legend says could cause a BB to shatter and fragments will slice and dice your eyeballs as they can go through the holes of the mesh mask…  Well perhaps not as dramatic as that, but we’ve all seen BBs shattering on impact on some surfaces when fired at close range, so I personally wont risk on this kind of protection cause you just never know…

To continue reading the full review click here.

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New Flip to Side Mount with QD from JJ Airsoft

Published on December 5, 2012 by in News

Do you wanna go hybrid but don’t have a magnifier with a flip to side mount?

JJ Airsoft have just released their own Flip to Side Mount with QD, which is compatible with Aimpoint magnifier replicas and M2 and M3.

They have it in both black and tan and fit 30mm scopes and 20mm rails.


For more info please visit JJAirsoft.

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Review: Emerson Fast BJ Multicam Helmet

Now this review is very important for any Airsofter out there, since safety should come first!

Helmets in Airsoft can do a lot more than just make you look good on the field or completing your loadout to copy some military force to perfection. Security in Airsoft is sometimes downplayed to just a pair of safety glasses and that’s it. Usually problems arise when you least expect them, especially when you are playing at a venue or field you are not familiar with.

Perhaps one of the most viewed Airsoft accidents on Youtube is the one where a Spanish player falls from the ceiling of a one story house during a game. Luckily he walked away with no serious injuries, but you can imagine several ways how this could have gone wrong.

So protection is not only cool but it’s also a must, to prevent injuries while playing on the field.

With this in mind, let’s see how does the Emerson Fast BJ Helmet, kindly provided for this review byEmperion Store,  stacks up to needs of most Airsofters out there.


Go ahead and check out the full review at Popular Airsoft.

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Black Ops Airsoft new exclusive BOA 10-22

Published on November 10, 2012 by in News


Carlos from Black Ops Airsoft wrote in to let us know about an exclusive and quite unique airsoft gun they are releasing:

Today at Black Ops Airsoft we are releasing a custom made airsoft gun that exists no where else in the world. When we say customized, we’re talking about an airsoft gun that is 100% unique. The rifle we’re introducing is called the BOA10-22 Grey Woodstock. It’s a one of a kind rifle that’s light, comfortable and powerful. Visit blackopsairsoftguns.com/boa1022 to learn more.

The gun looks awesome with the woodstock that was designed to be used with a real steel 10/22. A very generous top and side rails for attachments and the  Madbull GEMTECH G5 Barrel Extension.This gun is based on the KJW KC-02 and it should be very lightweight thanks to its woodstock design.

This gun sure looks beautiful, so go check out more info and pics at blackopsairsoftguns.com/boa1022 !

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