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Cybergun FNH FNX-45 Tactical GBB Pistol


Here is my latest review, on one of the best gas blow back pistols I’ve ever used:

I must confess, I have not used a side arm for about 10 months now. The reason behind this is because I wasn’t finding in the market a gun that would make want to have one. Especially most of the games I have been playing during the last 8-9 months were in woodlands where you usually can manage without a sidearm.

However, recently I started going to some more CQB sites, such as Blitz CQB (which I reviewed here) and started to feel the need to have a gun for more close quarter situations. Or when I’m using my DMR, the Ares M110 SASS.

The trigger moment happened when I saw the recent release of the FNX-45 by Cybergun. I knew I had to have that gun!

Read the full review here.

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BELL M1911 and M9 at Tiger111HK

Published on August 12, 2014 by in News, Products


If you like me are a fan of the M9 and M1911 then you’ll be interested to know that Tiger111hk are now stocking the BELL Airsoft versions of these guns and they look really nice, especially being the silver version 🙂

And the price also look quite good since you can grab a silver 1911 for only $50.71!

To know more, visit Tiger111hk.


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WE G34 Custom – a proper gun customization!

Published on July 26, 2014 by in News, Products


WE Airsoft have come up with some very nice photos of their WE G34 customization which is looking smokin hot!

From what you can see on the photos, this includes a new two stage metal trigger, new slide, very cool outer barrel with inscriptions, slide back plate with a skull, night sights and chrome grip base.


They just took the WE G34 to a whole new level!!

More info ate WEAirsoft Facebook page


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Haley Strategic Partners – Incog Rifle Bag

Published on July 3, 2014 by in Featured, News, Products

Haley Strategic

A range bag. A discreet carry bag. The perfect organizer for your pelican case. The HSP Incog Rifle Bag is all of the above. Designed to hold an assembled 14.5″ carbine or a broken down SPR, the HSP Incog Rifle Bag is the perfect way to transport your kit to the range without drawing attention to yourself.

Haley Strategic Partners - Incog Discreet Rifle Bag3

Offered in Haley Strategic Partners signature Disruptive Grey, the HSP Incog Rifle Bag is built from a durable 1000D Cordura outer body sewn with nylon thread, 9-12 stitches per inch, and reinforced bar tack construction.

Haley Strategic Partners - Incog Discreet Rifle Bag

The main gusset has #10 YKK zippers on both sides for independent access and web handle for accelerated opening both sides.The bottom gusset is reinforced with 2″ web to manage and reduce wear over time.Both the front and back panel, as well as the gussets, have 1/4″ closed cell foam and 30M poly to protect against impact.

Haley Strategic Partners - Incog Discreet Rifle Bag4

The HSP Incog Rifle Bag is an ideal organizer to layout your handgun, carbine, chest rig, magazines and other range essentials in a single organized unit for easy transport.  The HSP Incog Rifle Bag is available for $170.00 from haleystrategic.com


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Tokyo Marui – Upcoming Products

Published on May 21, 2014 by in News, Products


The 2014 edition of the Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan is now over, during this massive event Tokyo Marui announced several new Airsoft weapons that will be released during this year and the next and with the show now over, Tokyo Marui decided to make this information public by releasing several promotional pictures of their upcoming products. You can seem them below.

Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBBR

Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS


BOYS M933 Shorty Custom AEG and more…

Tokyo Marui BOYS M933 Shorty Custom


M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun

Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher


Smith & Wesson M&P9 GBB

Tokyo Marui S&W M&P9 GBB


Glock;Beretta,H&K AEP Series

Tokyo Marui 2014 AEP Handgun Series

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APS – ACP606 Match Grade Pistol

Published on March 18, 2014 by in News, Products

APS logo

APS announced yesterday that due to the success of  the ACP601 Airsoft Pistol, APS  will continue to develop their patented Co2 system. And a dedicate race gun is coming in 2014 for ISPC type events in Airsoft or just regular Airsoft games.


Light Weighted Slides and extended barrel for racing use 

A good racing gun can be judged by its slides, extended barrel and attachment. A quality light weighted slide is essential. Standard ACP606 comes with 7 inch extended barrel. Even though the slide and barrel are bigger and longer, the design of the lower frame is still remains the same as ACP601. That means the grip fits most of the male’s and female’s hand.

Power and Accuracy 

With the use of extended barrel and Co2, ACP606 generate 420 FPS using 0.2g BB. Because of Co2, the FPS is relatively stable in every single shot. A stable FPS is important in a shooting competition that will bring you the victory.

Luminous Fiber optic sights 

ACP606 standard attached with Luminous Fiber Optic Sights. The use of short pieces of optical fiber for the dots made in such a way that ambient light falling on the length of the fiber is concentrated at the tip, making the dots slightly brighter than the surroundings. This kind of technology is getting more popular in guns industries nowadays.

Aftermarket parts compatible 

ACP606 can fit aftermarket holster, mag well and scope mount. The barrel tips comes with thread allowing user to mount an adapter to take 14mm- silencer or flash hider.

To conclude, ACP606 is the first racing gun APS has ever made. It is an ideal gun for shooting competition because of its power, accuracy and stable performance. Upgrading to Scope Mount, Mag Well is not complicate in this gun. Purchasing a race gun with fun options may cost you over USD$1500, ACP606 is providing you an alternative of an expensive high end race gun to a affordable budget race gun.


A.P.S. Match Version CO2 Action Combat Pistol ACP606B
1:1 Ratio Realistic Airsoft GBB Pistol
Semi-Automatic Airsoft Gas Blow Back GBB Pistol
Powerful performance With CO2 Gas
Extreme smooth slide cycling with clicks & clacks metal sound
Engraved “ACP TECH” marking on body
20mm Picatinny Under Rail for tactical accessories (e.g. flashlight / laser)
Strong recoil feel (better hold with both hands)
Come With 23 Rounds Loading Capacity CO2 Gas Power Magazine
Powerful 430fps with CO2 GAS

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Umarex: New Releases at IWA 2014

Published on March 7, 2014 by in News, Products

Umarex Logo

At IWA 2014, Umarex will be presenting well over 100 new products, this time in a bold layout that some may like and some may not. Nonetheless, it’s typically Umarex. And best of all: Almost all models and accessories are available from stock!

For more information visit Umarex.de

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WE Airsoft P-Viruses GBB first videos

 we p-viruses

Last week we told you about WE Airsoft new GBB pistol,the P-Viruses (see HERE), well today we bring you the first two videos that appeared on you about this new pistol from WE Airsoft.

The first video showcases the case on which the P-Viruses comes when you buy it.

The second video shows the P-Viruses being shot by a Asian girl.

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WE Airsoft – P-Viruses GBB Pistol



WE Airsoft released today a batch of photos through their Facebook page of their newest addition for their GBB Pistol line, the P-Viruses GBB Pistol, no other information was released with the pictures but from what we can see it looks like i highly costumized dual-tone Sig Sauer P226 with a skeletonized trigger and hammer, extended magazine, custom grip,extended beavertail, extended controls (mag release,slide release,decocker,safety, takedown lever), high visibility sights and a really bad ass flash hider also from what we can se in the pictures the P-Viruses comes with a cool case for storage and transportation.

Despite the lack of information available for now on the P-Viruses GBB Pistol, we believe that this pistol will be full-metal as most of the WE Airsoft GBB pistol are.At this moment the only information released by WE Airsoft was:

Check out the brand new WE P-Viruses pistol! Coming to quality airsoft retailers near you soon!

We will update you on this new Airsoft pistol as we find out more about it, but for now we live you with the pictures of the WE Airsoft – P-Viruses GBB Pistol.

we p-viruses pistol

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GreyGhostGear – FAL Magazine Pouches

Published on September 28, 2013 by in News, Products

Grey Ghost Gear Logo

Grey Ghost Gear, which along with Tactical Tailor, was awarded a contract to provide the Marine Corps with night vision goggle pouches, AN/PRC-153 and 152 pouches and 40mm grenade bandoliers, now has modular FN-FAL magazine pouches available.


The Grey Ghost Gear FAL pouches are “doubles”, designed to carry two 20-round capacity 7.62mm FAL style magazines, as well as two pistol magazines on the outside. The FAL magazine compartment is secured with bungee retention straps. The pistol magazine pouch are elastic, with optional flaps.
GGG-FAL-Pouch-2-557x600Each will be shipped with four MALICE Clips for fastening. The Double FALs/Double Pistol Mag pouches are currently available in Coyote Brown and Multicam for $32.95 HERE.

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