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5.11 Tactical Reactor Full Zip Hoodie Review


Now that winter is coming and we need to wear more layers in order to get keep warm, it’s important to choose the right gear. The thinking behind me wanting to get the 5.11 Reactor Hoodie was that I was looking more at how could I keep the tacticoolness not just during the game, but also outside the venues and sites I play.

So I was looking to get a piece of garment that I could use inconspicuously even when walking around London without being stopped or flagged because I was using some a uniform or something that is far from normal “civilian” clothes.

Continue reading the full review.

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Review: Condor Outdoor Cobra Bungee Sling


Here’s my review of the first Condor product I’ve ever used, gently supplied by the great guys at Military1st:

Single point slings have become very popular as they allow easy transitions and are extremely easy to use and setup, even if you want to run them on your rig. Unlike two point slings that get cumbersome in certain situations, these will offer more options and provide the operator with more freedom of movement as these barely get in the way of the action.

Plus, you need a good sling that can hold those over a couple hundreds of Dollars/Euros/Pounds and avoid it from falling to the floor when you quickly transition to your secondary.


Read the full review after the break.

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Review: Flyye HAWG Hydration Backpack


This is another piece of gear any Airsofter should have, not only for load-bearing, but also for hydration purposes. I like the idea of having a backpack that’s able to carry my regular training gear and then being able to convert it to a very lightweight and compact hydration system.

So, as you might have guessed, I use the Flyye HAWG for two purposes: when going out to the field I will fill it with all my Airsoft gear and accessories; and once I get there, I will use it as a hydration system so when I’m playing I can sip some water or some other energy drink and still be able to carry some food and additional tactical gear and accessories.


The HAWG comes with three compartments: a smaller one on the outside just for storage; a larger one which is the main compartment for storage and also for the bladder system; and a third one reserved just for the bladder at the back.


One of the nice things about the HAWG is that you can store the hydration bladder on two of the mentioned compartments. However, in longer games in which I want to take some extra magazines and other metal stuff in the main compartment, I don’t feel comfortable having the hydration bladder near those metallic accessories with pointy edges that might damage or even perforate the bladder.

So I use the third compartment that’s located at the back beneath the padding and is accessed by a zipper. This compartment was specifically designed for this, so you can have more space in the main compartment, where I store some food like a sandwich, energy bars, mags, extra gloves, more bbs, goggles, and my MICH 2000 helmet.


On the smaller outside compartment there are a number of pouches that allow you to store documents, pens and other material. What I mainly use it for is to store extra magazines, extra batteries, optics, and bb loaders.


Depending on the type of game and duration you will need to pack more or less stuff. So if you want to pack light, the backpack can achieve a low profile not protruding out much of your body and helping you remain concealed, and at the same time you can still move around in narrow areas such as corridors, doors or between trees thanks to the external compression straps.

The front of the backpack has MOLLE webbing allowing you to attach additional MOLLE pouches, which greatly increases the potential of this backpack as for load-bearing duties.


In order to fix the hydration tube there are two horizontal guides on each shoulder strap that keep the tube always at hand.

The number of possibilities for which you can setup the hydration system is one of the great features of this backpack — you can either choose to run the bladder on the main compartment or on the back compartment; and you can choose to run the tubing through the left or to the right shoulder strap, depending on what you prefer. This is possible thanks to the two holes on both sides where you can snake through a drinking tube or even comms wiring from the inside of the backpack. These holes can be conveniently sealed by a piece of Velcro attached to the backpack.

I found two more passages right beneath the shoulder straps that can be used to pass the drinking tube out directly from the back compartment however this might get uncomfortable, so I only recommend using these for smaller communications wiring.

From the back compartment there is another hole that allows you to route the drinking tube to the main compartment and out through one of the previously mentioned side holes.


On the main compartment there are internal nylon loops for securing your hydration bladder thus avoiding the bladder from moving around inside the backpack and spilling or rupturing inside.

The recommended bladder size is 2.5 liters, and I would say that the backpack is much similar in size and capacity to be a 12-hour backpack.

The one missing feature I would like seen in this backpack is a Velcro panel for you to put an IFF Patch or any other patch you would want. This, however, can be solved easily by buying a small Velcro panel and either stitching it or attaching it using the MOLLE webbing.


One of the things I most liked about this backpack, apart from the hydration bladder compartment, is the comfort it provides to the operator. This is achieved thanks to the very comfortable and wide shoulder straps that have generous padding and offer great support even on heavier loads.

The YKK zipper pullers are very well thought-out, since they are big and make opening the compartments a lot easier when using gloves, which I often do during a game.

Another much appreciated feature is the two quick release buckles on each shoulder strap that allow you to easily drop the whole backpack without the awkwardness of having to remove each of the straps and thus having to put your weapon aside.


When hiking or running you might want to minimize the wobble that the backpack might do so you can use the sternum and waist straps included that provide increased support and comfort and prevent the backpack from sliding away from the shoulders. When I tried both straps on, I noticed the backpack adapts perfectly to my body and helps me running and bearing its weight, for example, when climbing a rocky slope.

Another thing I noticed is how my back feels great after using the backpack for one day even with some hard objects inside. Thanks to the padding, it creates a protective barrier that cushions and absorbs the impact from the objects inside the backpack, and it also eliminates the irregularities that those objects can cause to the shape of the backpack that is in contact with my back.

Another thing worth mentioning is how light and small the backpack can be especially when you want to run it only has hydration system. It compares quite well with especially dedicated hydration carriers and offers much greater options.

So comfort-wise I must say I am very satisfied with the HAWG.



The HAWG has everything to be tough and wear resistant: the whole backpack is made according to military specifications and Flyye used Invista 1000D Cordura Nylon, which can be 300% times more resistant to the usual wear and tear than normal Nylon.

The Duraflex plastics ensure buckle quality and durability and are also Mil-Spec. The Velcro along with Military specification nylon sewing put together a backpack that will last for years.

This backpack is water resistant so you can use it in snowy or rainy conditions and all the material and food stored on the inside will be protected from the elements. However,  in case a bladder might burst or any liquid should spill, the backpack will drain the liquid thanks to a couple of drainage holes at the bottom.

This is what you should look for in a backpack for Airsoft, and from my incursions in the field with the HAWG I can say it lives up to the specs and quality that Flyye wanted this backpack to have.



This is a very complete solution that allows for many options and will fit most Airsofters, and that you can also use on a daily basis or even for hiking and adventure holidays.

It’s a great choice whether you are looking for ways to keep yourself hydrated during those hot summer games or if you already own a hydration carrier but don’t have a decent backpack that can take your gear and withstand some abuse.

For me it has become an inseparable piece of equipment every time I go to the field!


  • Quality of the materials
  • Very comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Numerous hydration and load bearing options


  • No Velcro for Patches

I would like to thank Bob from Flyye that made this review possible through their dealer Military1st. For more information on this backpack or if you are interested in purchasing it visit Flyye’s official dealer Military1st.co.uk.

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Review: The 5.11 TDU Rapid Assault Shirt


I’m starting to gather some material for my new MulticamLoadout, and I was able to get a 5.11 TDU Rapid Assault Shirt, thanks to the great guys at Military 1st. I was quite curious on how the shirt would behave under hot weather since summer is arriving and with temperatures around 86F (30C) now, and over 105F (41C) when summer hits I need a cool and lightweight loadout.

Read more…

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Magnum promotion at Military1s

Published on November 6, 2014 by in News

Magnum save inst

Our friends at Military1st are running a great offer around Magnum boots:

Save 15% on all Magnum products available at Military 1st online store when using our special discount code! Gear up for action with Magnum and Military 1st at http://www.military1st.co.uk/brands-magnum/


In order to save 15% on Magnum boots visit Military1st, choose you favourite boots and use the discount code MGUM1ST

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Review: 5.11 Tactical Trainers 2.0


I’ve been to several Airsoft skirmish sites which don’t allow you to play while wearing trainers or sneakers. And it’s understandable since many sites are in such derelict states that they might pose a high risk of injury to anyone not wearing proper footwear.

However, during hot days if you don’t have a pair of boots that are breathable, or if you want to run light without having to walk and run wearing boots that are heavy and sometimes restrict your ankle movements, what can your wear that doesn’t compromise in terms of comfort and protection to your feet?

Well, I believe you still don’t need to wear a pair of boots if you don’t want to, and I’ve discovered this just after I started wearing a pair of Tactical Trainers. It seems that we can wear trainers and still have some features that I thought were only exclusive to tactical boots.

Continue to read the full review here.

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25% Off on Xcel Cameras at Military1st

Xcel 25 insta

Great news if you’re looking for an action camera:

Calling all adrenaline junkies! Throughout November you can save 25% on Xcel action cameras when buying from Military 1st.

Innovative, compact and robust Xcel cameras are fantastic recording devices – perfect for all action sports enthusiasts. User friendly and easy to mount, these great cameras capture beautifully sharp full HD 1080p videos with sound, and takes stunning 5 Megapixel high resolution images. Moreover waterproof housing and wireless remote control system, as well as various mounts, extenders and stands included in every pack allow you to record, replay and share every moment, in virtually all weather conditions.


To take advantage of this great discount visit our friends from Military1st.

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Available now at Military 1st is Defense Courier Diagonal Messenger Bag by Hazard 4


Hazard 4 has been creating some nice and innovative tactical bags, and the Defense Courier Diagonal Messenger Bag is no exception and you can get it now at Military1st:


Hazard 4 Defense Courier Diagonal in MultiCam camo is spacious & functional messenger bag, perfectly sized & comfortable to carry, with loads of pockets & attachment points, and thick, air-mesh backed strap so it can be worn more like a pack, side-bag or chest-pack, offering quick access to gear. Ideal for daily commute & travel.


Get one now at http://bit.ly/DefenseCourierDiagonal




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Military 1st celebrates 100,000 Facebook Page Fans with a blast!


Our friends over at Military1st are in celebration mode and they want to share their happiness with you:

Take part in Military 1st Sweepstake & win vouchers to spend at Military 1st online store. Simply go to https://a.pgtb.me/V5QdLn & enter your details. Be one of three lucky people who will win £300, £200 or £100 worth of vouchers. T&C apply.

So if you want to be one of these 3 lucky winners, just head over to their Facebook page.


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Direct Action Dust backpack


Direct Action Dust backpack is available now at Military 1st online store
in variety of colours & camo patterns including Pencott GreenZone &
Badlands camouflages. For details & to buy go to

Made of durable & water resistant 500D Cordura material, Direct Action Dust
backpack is a low profile tactical EDC pack, perfect for police, military &
security personnel, as well as hunting, hiking or trekking enthusiasts. The
pack has 20L capacity & features large main compartment, 2 hydration
bladder compartments, dedicated laptop storage compartment & large front
admin organizer with multiple inner sleeves & transparent map pocket.
Padded shoulder straps & removable hip belt with quick release buckle allow
comfortable wear even with belt kits or ballistic vests, while laser-cut
MOLLE/PALS compatible system & number of a lateral compression straps offer
high level of customization, flexibility & great amount of carrying space.
This uniquely flexible hydration pack is a perfect storage solution for
mission essentials, camping gear, hydration reservoirs or laptops and is
perfect as a one-day patrol pack or light travel bag.

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