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Review: Voodoo Tactical Europe Phantom Gloves

Published on June 11, 2014 by in Partners, Reviews



Dusting off the review writing and thought i’d put a few words together about the Voodoo Tactical Europe Phantom gloves.

Prior to these i’d be using a mixture of HWI and Mechanix gloves but I’ve had issues with both; HWI decided to put all their seems at the tips of the fingers.. not clever, and the Mechanix are great gloves but need something warmer for winter!

voodoo phantom

The Phantom seemed like a good choice, similar style to the HWI i’d used (Hard knuckle, leather palms) and thicker than the Mechanix Originals, plus i’d not seen many about so thought i’d give them a try.

First impressions the fit well, now this sounds stupid i know, they fit like a glove.. of course the fit well, but this often isn’t the case. I’ve found a lot of gloves (certainly some of the cheaper / clone options) fit well on the palms but have bizarre finger lengths (either too long or too short) making them almost unusable for any length of time. This fit snuggly all over, offer no rotating round or pinch points at all.

The thickness shows instantly, there’s no doubting they’re a sturdy well made glove. So much so I had to take the time to break them in before i could use them properly for the more fidgety tasks. It took about 2 training sessions for them to take form and be what i considered broke in so not too long at all.

The knuckle section on the back is a good size, compared to the glove, so as not to over lap too much or interfere with range of movement at all.

voodoo phantom2

They’ve took a battering from climbing over walls at STANTA (possibly the most abrasive substance on earth and killer of previous gloves!), and stood up to a considerable amount of pyro abuse during training events with not sign of excessive wear, if anything i think the palms are fairing up a lot better than expected.

All in all these gloves have exceeded expectations they offer excellent protection whilst not compromising comfort, movement or feeling. They’re warm, that’s what I needed, but not so warm as to cause issues during the rare sunshine, warm enough so that you don’t have to switch them out at night or in the rain. The durability is spot on and the quality of materials is unquestionable.

I’ve got me some new go to gloves!


Review made by Voodoo One-Zero, thanks for letting us publish it mate!

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Line of Fire: Pointman Gloves

Published on March 4, 2014 by in News, Products

line of fire logo

The Line of Fire Pointman Grip System Gloves is a short multipurpose glove produced from 100% Nomex, premium cowhide leather and digital goatskin leather, making this glove fire resistant and formimage fitting. A Velcro wrist strap ensures a secure comfortable fit. The Line of Fire Pointman Gloves includes a dual purpose interior glove clip and pull loop. Available in three colors, Black,Foliage Green and Coyote Tan.

line of fire3


• TEGS™ for superior grip in both wet and dry conditions
• Flexible, abrasion and impact resistant knuckles and finger darts
• Contains 100% Nomex® for fire resistance
• Leather overwrap trigger finger for seamless comfort
• Exceptional finger dexterity
• Durable construction using the highest quality materials
• Pre-curved design comforms to hand for instant comfort
• Dual purpose interior glove clip and pull loop
• Velcro® wrist strap for cinch fit

line of fire


• TEGS material on palm and fingers
• Polyurethane™ knuckle and finger guards
• Premium drum-dyed cowhide leather on top of hand
• High-grade digital goatskin leather on palm and fingers
• 100% Nomex on top of hand and fingers

for more information visit LOFTactical.com

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Mechanix Wear now in Multicam

Published on November 15, 2013 by in News, Products


Mechanix Wear recently announced that they will start making some of their most popular gloves in Multicam, being myself a big fan of Mechanix products and also a big fan of Multicam, personally i think this are great news 😀

According to Mechanix the Multicam gloves are expected to be available to the public by April, 2014.




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Review – Voodoo Tactical Europe Crossfire Gloves

Published on November 9, 2013 by in News, Reviews


For the past few weeks i’ve been testing some products from our friends Voodoo Tactical Europe, starting with the Voodoo Tactical – Crossfire Gloves.

As you well know finding a glove that gives you the protection and the dexterity you need in game is no easy task, and sometimes we have to give up one to have the other, luckly with the Crossfire Gloves provide you with both aspects and to help even more they are really comfortable to wear.

Photo 13

 These Voodoo Tactical gloves have several reinforced sections to provide you a good level of  protecction, and despite the reinforced protections with wrapped fingers (the part where your finger bends, not the knuckle), wrapped digit protection,reinforced thumbs and padded palms, the Crossfire Gloves still manage to be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time.All the high wear and typically ripped areas (on other gloves) are reinforced with a double stitching  to ensure that the gloves will last you for a long time.

The top of the hand is mainly made out of elastic four way spandex nylon that provides for a snug fit without overheating your hand or impede you moviments.

Photo 7

The palm on the Voodoo Tactical Crossfire Gloves is made of Amara synthetic leather to keep you hands warm in the cold weather and they are also padded to protect the palm of your hand for when you have to grab a rope,a bush, you’re RIS rail or for when you fall and use your hands for support.

Photo 1

The Crossfire Gloves straps to your wrist with a elastic band also made of elastic spandex that you can adjust with velcro in the rubberized tab, that not only looks badass with the Voodoo Tactical logo but also protects your wrist from being hit with a BB.

Photo 5

Overall the Voodoo Tactical Crossfire Gloves proved to be really high quality not only for Airsoft and other “extreme” activities but also for regular every day use, as they are really comfortable while offering a good amount of protection.

And with a price tag of only €19.95 it will be really hard to find something better or even with the same quality at this price. The Voodoo Tactical – Crossfire Gloves are available in Black, OD Green, Coyote,Foliage and Army Digital ACU at http://www.voodootactical.eu/


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SKD Tactical – PIG FDT Alpha Touch Gloves

Published on October 29, 2013 by in News, Products

PIG FDT Alpha Touch Gloves

Over 2 years in the making, the PIG FDT-Alpha Glove (Patented) offers ground breaking dexterity while providing much needed protection from the rigors of tactical work. Developed by a Rogers Shooting School “Advanced” graduate with over a decade of experience in instructing Military and Law Enforcement personnel, the FDT-Alpha Gloves were designed from the ground up to minimize impact on the shooter’s grip.

We are proud to now offer the ALL-NEW ALPHA TOUCH model that is Touch Screen compatible! Based on user feedback from hundreds of customers who didn’t want anything changed on the glove, we opted to keep the material the same so as not to compromise the tactile dexterity, and go with a Conductive Thread that contains genuine Silver to ensure positive and reliable touch screen compatibility.


Instead of following the tired old routine of reinventing the Aviator Flight Glove, or making a “cool” looking glove with padding and layers in all the wrong places, the PIG design team partnered with the pre-eminent designer from an industry that actually makes gloves that fit really well- the sports glove industry. The FDT-Alpha Gloves were worn in earning a Pistol-Training.com FAST Coin, an accomplishment previously considered nearly unobtainable while wearing tactical gloves.

Featuring several industry firsts, the FDT-Alpha allows unfettered access to all your firearms controls and manipulations, without the overwhelming bulk of unnecessary padding and layers. When it comes to gloves you can shoot with, contrary to most of the other tactical gloves on the market, less IS more… the less you feel your gloves, the better you can shoot with them.


FEATURES (* indicates industry firsts for a tactical glove):

*Single Layer Multi-Piece Palm- Designed specifically so that only one layer of material contacts your shooting grip.

*Sensitized and Isolated Trigger Finger- The thinnest available Clarino™ material available, only on the trigger finger for ultimate sensitivity.

*Selective Forschette Material- Inside forschettes are ventilated for maximum wicking. Outer forschettes are Clarino for durability.

*Low Profile Hook Closure- Reduces abrasion on clothing.

*Flex Joints- Enhanced flexibility and ventilation on each finger.

*Dual Flex Joint Trigger Finger- Providing maximum flexibility where you need it most.

*Silver Conductive Thread- Maximum reliability for touch screen use with no loss in tactile dexterity (Alpha TOUCH model ONLY).

Bar-Tacked Para Cord Pull Loop… YES, NOW BAR-TACKED..

Short Cuff- Lightweight comfort and convenience.

Micro Suede Nose Wipe- Fights against cold-weather drip.

Ventilation holes in Palms and Fingers- Increased wicking.

Isolated Edge Padding- Protection without compromising the shooting grip.

Wrap-Over Finger Tips- Provides additional comfort and protection for finger nails.

Stretch Cordura 1000D Padded Knuckles- Stretch Cordura reduces pressure on the seams, thin padding takes the edge off of impacts.

While the PIG FDT-Alpha/Alpha Touch Gloves will be some of the highest quality gloves you own, given the nature of the job we expect them to do, they are NOT designed to outlast the Apocalypse. We believe that the trade off in extreme dexterity and sensitivity for perceived durability is well worth it, and far better than the old-school “cut off the finger tips” or “go bare handed” solutions.

At the end of the day, the PIG FDT-Alpha/Alpha Touch Gloves are a consumable product that will provide the user with the best tactile dexterity available in a tactical glove, and should be worn to destruction, then discarded and replaced. The selection of super sensitive materials and extremely tight seams mean that these gloves will eventually wear out, and there are no warranties implied. Please try them on and inspect them thoroughly for fit and finish before removing from the hangtag, but be forewarned, you will not want to take them off.

Priced competitively for the non-FR utility glove market, the PIG FDT-Alpha/Alpha Touch are the first in a new line of tactical gloves for PIG. FR and Women’s models are expected by Spring 2014.


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Outdoor Research – Ironsight Gloves

Published on October 8, 2013 by in News, Products


The IronSight Gloves™ are a quick drying, highly breathable combat glove made with very dexterious and supple synthetic leather for solid grip of weapons. Slip-free grip pads on the palms and fingers and seamless Precision Grip™ construction provide superior tactility. The IronSight Gloves™ also have a back-of-hand injection molding and reinforcement provide light impact protection.


  • Highly breathable and venting synthetic Leather fabric palm and knuckles
  • Breathable, stretch Nylon fabric fingers and back of hand
  • Hybrid Synthetic Leather and fabric finger sidewalls for superior flex at joints and protection at high abrasion points
  • Synthetic Leather reinforced back of fingers and knuckles with flex cutouts for light abrasion and impact protection while maintaining dexterity
  • Injection molding of back of hand for light impact protection
  • Silicone grip pads on palm and tips of middle, ring, pinky fingers provide solid grip of weapons and tools
  • Pre-curve, boxed construction for anatomically correct fit
  • Precision Grip specifically designed for seamless contact between index finger and thumb and for next-to-skin tactility moving Selector Switch
  • Hook-and-loop wrist closure provides a secure fit
  • Pull loop for easy on/off, doubles as attachment loop for securing gloves to jacket or pack
  • Close fitting for superior dexterity and tactility

Available in Coyote and Black for about $39.00 at Outdoor Research.

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Review: Mechanix Wear M-PACT Gloves

Published on May 8, 2013 by in Featured, Products, Reviews



A few months back Mechanix Europe sent me some pairs of gloves to test and review. In this review i will talk mainly about the Mechanix M-Pact Coyote Glove.
Since then i’ve been using the gloves not only on Airsoft games but also in my everday life to better test the gloves. One of the first things i noticed on the gloves was the all around quality finish and that made me excited to use them and test them out, so let’s get to the review part.


According to Mechanix Wear website the M-Pact Gloves offersfull-coverage hand protection, features a rubberized grip on thumb, index finger and palm, and sonic welded molded rubber on knuckles and fingertips. High impact PORON® XRD™ in the palm absorbs more shock and vibration associated with repetitive tasks than its much thicker, traditional EVA foam counterpart.

All this sounds great and all, but are they comfortable enough to use for a full day? Will they protect my hands during an Airsoft game? Thats what i really wanted to know and i suspect you want to know that too.


Thanks to the breathable elastic fabric used on the top of the glove they fit tight to your hand without being uncomfortable and the rubberized protections give you the feeling that if you got hit with a BB in the hand it will not hurt at all and they will protect your hand if you ever do get hit.


Another great thing about the M-Pact is the reinforced and padded palm that provide good protection when holding a rope or grabbing vegetation while coming down from a small hill.


After wearing these gloves for several hours at the time i can definitely say that they are really confortable and although they keep my hand warm they didn’t make me sweat from my hands to the point it makes it uncomfortable to wear them.
Despite being slightly thick due to their protection layers the gloves didn’t impose any impediments to my movements during Airsoft games both in weapon manipulation or reloads , even reloading my magazines with BB’s was a easy task while wearing the Mechanix M-Pact gloves.


After wearing these gloves for a couple of months both in Airsoft events and in my daily life, i still can’t see any signs of wear and tear, i’m certain that in time they will start to show but for now the materials used in the making of these gloves where able to maintain them in perfect condition and after cleaning them they still look brand new.


Overall the Mechanix M-Pact are a great piece of gear and are really well made, since they provide a good level of protection to your hands withount being uncomfortable. They look great and best of all they are not expensive, for the high quality you’re getting the price is low, at least that’s my point of view and although Mechanix Wear launched a few new models since the M-Pact this gloves are still a great option for every player that demands high quality at an affordable price

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Review: Rapdom T12 Kevlar Tactical Gloves Khaki


Sometimes, when you are in the market for a pair of gloves, you might be looking for some extra protection for your hands when on the field or at work. Kevlar is usually the way to go since it adds extra protection, against abrasion cuts and even fire. But protection against the elements especially during the winter is also something that I value, and Airsoft Junkiez carries an interesting model of gloves that caught my eye, the T12 Kevlar by Rapdom seemed to fit the bill, but how will the pair behave on the field?

To find out more keep on reading here.

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Review: Helikon-Tex Urban Tactical Gloves

I don’t know about you, but tactical gloves are the item on my loadout that I have to renew with more frequency. This is because of the beating they take on the field, gloves are the primary point of contact with your gun and accessories, and with the unforgiving environment around you.

So you’ll see your gloves increasingly become scuffed and wear out real quick. So it’s not long before holes appear, and in some low quality gloves, the seams start failing. Plus washing doesn’t help and after a few months you’ll start to see problems arise.

At the same time it’s really important you own a pair of gloves that you feel comfortable with, which provide some level of protection without compromising the movements of the hands and especially the fingers.

Because there’s such a wide variety of choice of makers and models out there, choosing the perfect pair of gloves for your tactical needs is in itself a challenge.

So let’s see how this review of the Helikon-Tex UTL Gloves can help you on your quest.

To read the rest of the review click here.

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Multicam: Yates Tactical Rappel/FAST Rope Gloves

Published on June 29, 2012 by in News


Yates are a brand specialized in climbing and rappel gear, and they also have tactical items on their catalog.

These gloves have picked up my attention because they are in Multicam, but they also have a palm unlike any of the gloves we’re used to see. This is because they’ve added a second palm that extends over the palm and to the second joint of your fingers to provide added protection from the heat and friction generated when fast roping.

So if you’re into Airsoft and rappel, here’s a nice solution to protect you hand from rope friction!

For more info visit Yates’s website

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