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Cybergun FNH FNX-45 Tactical GBB Pistol


Here is my latest review, on one of the best gas blow back pistols I’ve ever used:

I must confess, I have not used a side arm for about 10 months now. The reason behind this is because I wasn’t finding in the market a gun that would make want to have one. Especially most of the games I have been playing during the last 8-9 months were in woodlands where you usually can manage without a sidearm.

However, recently I started going to some more CQB sites, such as Blitz CQB (which I reviewed here) and started to feel the need to have a gun for more close quarter situations. Or when I’m using my DMR, the Ares M110 SASS.

The trigger moment happened when I saw the recent release of the FNX-45 by Cybergun. I knew I had to have that gun!

Read the full review here.

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Review: WE TT-33 Tokarev GBB Pistol



Here is a review I really enjoyed doing since its a great looking gun with a very nice recoil:

One of the less discussed Airsoft event segment is the re-enactment game, where a group of players who share the interest of a particular war period get together and shoot each other with guns and gear used for that war period. This is probably a simplistic way to put it, and perhaps is not fair to the growing popularity of these events where experienced regular Airsofters or simply war history enthusiasts get together to remember how war was waged say during Vietnam, World War 2 or even World War I.

The gun that CWI Airsoft sent me to review this time has a lot of history behind it (well, not the actual replica, but the real steel version it represents), and goes back to the 1930s when it was originally conceived by Fedor Tokarev as a service pistol for the Soviet Army.

The gun design was ultimately copied and produced by other countries such as Yugoslavia and China adopted in several other countries.


To continue reading click here.

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Umarex HK MP7A1 RAL8000 COLOR GBB !!



It’s no secret that one of the best AEG makers in the market is behind most HK Umarex products. VFC has been producing most of the range for Umarex and has also getting into the Gas Blow Back business by having brands such as Stark Arms and also making some very interesting Gas powered HK’s.

One of them is the MP7A1 which will see a Tan version come to life soon!

For more info visit their Facebook page.

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