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New stylish AK from G&G Armament



G&G Armament have just introduced a new AK model: the GK740M.

This particular model features some very tactical and stylish furniture such as the stock, mag, grip and folding stock.

The folding stock is a very nice addition for those tricky CQB scenarios where you dont want to take your traditional AK.

For more info visit G&G’s Facebook page.


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PTS – US Palm AK Grip for AEG

Published on July 4, 2014 by in Featured, News, Products

pts logo

The PTS – US PALM AK Grip (AEG) is a licensed airsoft replica, designed for training and simulation use only. US PALM is dedicated to developing and producing the world’s finest firearms enhancements and accessories.


One of the things that make US PALM different is that they are constantly working to refine their product lines. While many of their designs are revolutionary, they believe in maintaining an evolutionary product design mind-set. By staying informed through their cadre of industry professionals –including military and police active duty personnel, firearms instructors, manufacturing experts, and technical advisors– they amass the collective wisdom of many to bring new products, or product refinements, that answer the questions and needs of front line war-fighters.




  • Size : 115x35x94mm
  • Weight : 90g approx
  • Material : Polymer
  • Color : Black & Dark Earth


  • VFC
  • LCT
  • ASP
  • Beta Project
  • CA
  • Cyma

For more information please visit PTSsyndicate.com


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Krebs Custom – MK VII AK Ambi Enhanced Safety

Published on June 26, 2014 by in Featured, News, Products

Krebs Custom logo

When it comes to providing the most innovative aftermarket AK parts, Krebs Custom knows how to deliver, this is one of those “real deal” accessories that is definitely a most have in the Airsoft market, being left-handed and a big fan of the AK platform this would be one of the first upgrades i would buy for any Airsoft AK i purchase in the future. This last development from Krebs Custom, the AMBI Enhanced Safety for the AK Platform, allows the shooter to utilize the thumb to operate the safety selector when firing left handed.

krebs custom MBI

The ergonomic design of the Ambi Enhanced Safety also allows you to more quickly manipulate the selector with your right hand as seen with their standard Enhanced Safety design. The new Ambi Enhanced Safety is available for $65.00 from KrebsCustom.com in case you want put it on your “real deal” AK or if you want to try to adapt it to your Airsoft AK.

Krebs Custom MK VII

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Blue Force Gear – MAG Now! Pouch

Published on May 22, 2014 by in News, Partners, Products

BFG Logo no background

The new Magazine Now! magazine pouch will come in single and triple versions and features a new molded magazine retention pull tab made from EPDM rubber. The tab is an improvement on the standard fabric tab that is never in the same spot on the magazine and can be tough to feel and grab with cold or gloved hands. The split body design allows the tab to lay across the corner of a mag or ride centered.


BFG is still hammering out the details, but the new pull tabs will be available in a three- or four-piece retrofit pack for under $15 and should be on the street in a few weeks. They will come standard on the Magazine Now! mag carriers. No word on the pricing of the Magazine Now! magazine carriers yet.

BFG Now2

Mag NOW! Will be out Early July and offered in Single and Triple M4 followed up by SR-25 and later AK. The new rubberized pull tab will also be offered in packs of three by late June.

Keep your eyes on www.BlueForceGear.com for when the Mag NOW! comes out.

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Arsenal – SM-13 AK Optics Mount

Published on December 9, 2013 by in News, Products

arsenal logo


Arsenal Inc. has a new optics mount for AK-style rifles. The SM-13 is made from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum and is designed to attach to the side of an AK variant rifle for maximum stability. Since there aren’t any good options on the market for mounting optics on Airsoft AK’s (at least in my opinion) maybe this mount for real AK’s will fit Airsoft AK’s and give the AK fans on Airsoft a solid quality option to mount optics or better yet maybe a Airsoft company finally decides to make a good quality mount based on this one.


The SM-13 follows the contour of the rifle closely. The low-profile design allows for the use of the iron sights when the scope mount is attached to the rifle. It relies on a time-proven steel adjustable locking mechanism that allows instantaneous attachment and release of the scope mount without any compromise to the accuracy and loss of zero, company officials say.


Unlike some other mounts that attach to unstable top covers or gas tubes, the SM-13 attaches to the side scope rail of an AK variant rifle, which provides the most stable attaching platform on the rifle.


Available for $130.00USD from Arsenal INC.

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A&K ZB26 AEG now available in Europe

Published on November 11, 2013 by in News, Products


The A&K – ZB26 AEG, réplica of the Czechoslovakian light machine gun developed in the 1920s that had  major use during Worl War II, was initially only available in Asia and the USA but now you can also get it in Europe through AA Store in Switzerland for around 609 Eur, definitely a “must have” for any World War II reenactor.


Product Details

  • Gearbox – Custom
  • Motor – Custom
  • Material – Metal, Steel & Wood
  • Magazine Capacity – 40
  • Length – 1170mm
  • Weight – 6350g
  • Innerbarrel Length – ~600mm
  • Muzzle Type – 14mm- / CCW
  • Muzzle Velocity – 270-290 FPS
  • Hop Up – Adjustable
  • Battery – Small Type
  • Package includes – Gun, Magazine

Product link:  A&K ZB26 AEG

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Beez Combat Systems – Triple AK Shingle

Published on November 1, 2013 by in News, Products



New from Beez Combat Systems, the BCS AK47 triple magazine shingle is designed to carry three 30 round AK47 magazines. The open top 3 mag AK47 shingle can be mounted to any PALS compatible vest or plate carrier. The shingle has some unique features not found on other AK shingles. The back of the triple mag shingle has four rows of PALS webbing for attachment. The shingle can be attached with MALICE clips, Speed clips and other clip systems on the market.


In order to to reduce weight, keep it low profile and provide a distinctly different shingle to the market, BCS angled the corners of both the top and bottom to give it a unique look. The AK mags fit in the shingle perfectly in both direction because of the curve of the mag.
The internal pouch provides additional storage for small items and increases the carrying capacity. The pouch is secured with 2” Velcro across the entire length of the pouch.

For additional information on this or other A-TACS Camo items in their line, or to purchase, visit them online at www.beezcombatsystems.com.

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A&K-TW M4A1(PTW) in stock at Taiwangun

Published on October 9, 2013 by in News, Products

AeK TWM4-A1-2

The Polish Airsoft store Taiwangun announced today that they have received a new batch of the PTW AEG from A&K, previously called the MK4 PTW and now called TW M4A1, and they are now selling it for €370.19. In case you are wondering if you should buy this chinese made PTW or not you can read the review we published about it on April the 15th HERE and we will leave you some details about it below.


Product Details:

Weight: 3.450 Kg
Color: Black
Length: 805 mm
Material: Aluminum
Fire mode: Auto, Single, Safe.
Length of internal barrel: 370 mm
Diameter of Internal barrel: 6,08 mm
Magazine model: mid-cap
Magazine capacity: 75 BBs
Magazine material: Steel
Muzzle velocity: 500 fps
Muzzle energy: 2,32 J

Product link: A&K-TW M4A1



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LCT Airsoft – AK Rail Series

Published on September 2, 2013 by in News, Products



LCT Airosft sent us a few pictures of their new AK Rail Series and told us that the AK Rail Series are already available and shiping to stores worldwide.

AK-Upper-Rail-System-dated-Aug.-31-2013 PK-202-TX-1-dated-Aug.-31-2013 PK-208-dated-Aug.-31-2013 PK-209-dated-Aug.-31-2013LCT

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US Palm – AK Attack Rack V2

Published on September 2, 2013 by in News, Products

us palm logo

This up-grade to the standard AK Attack Rack features the same US PALM designed and purpose built AK47 Magazine Pouches as the original AKAR on the front, but with MOLLE attachment points on the side areas (3 x 3) which accommodate accessory pouches or other MOLLE gear.

uspalm-AK Attack Rack V2-1

Above the static rifle mag pouches, are (2) adjustable-flap magazine/utility pouches.  The large zippered main pocket can accommodate extra magazines or other larger pieces of gear (some end users use this as an ad-hoc dump pouch).  The side-top seams split open to accommodate our Rack-Holster or Rack Radio Insert.  The bottom of the carrier provides access to the armor pocket, which accommodates our custom level IIIa soft armor panel (sold separately, MSRP of $124.99) to provide full frontal and partial side coverage.  MOLLE attachments for a groin protector, glove hanger or dump pouch are located on the rear of carrier.  The 3rd Generation H-Harness provides for a flat mounting yet fully adjustable solution.  A 1” adjustable waist belt completes the rig.

uspalm-AK Attack Rack V2



  • 1 in adjustable waist strap w/ dual side releases
  • 2 in QD shoulder straps w/ MOLLE rows for knife pouch or COM cable routing
  • Made in the USA


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