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JJ Airsoft XPS 3-2 & XPS 2-Z Red Dot Sights Review


Recently I received the JJ Airsoft XPS Red dot sight in two very similar versions, but with very distinctive features: the XPS 3-2 and the XPS 2-Z. I had reviewed EOTech style sights in the past from different brands and even JJ Airsoft, and most were quite a mix where usually the lenses were so tinted you couldn’t see much when indoors, or you would get to much reflection.

Also, the construction quality is a also a known issue with many clones, which flood the market giving a bad reputation even for the best EOTech replicas.

With so many EOTech clones choice in market right, how will a manufacturer make a difference? Well, the answer is in the quality of build and materials and also in widening the number of offerings.

JJ Airsoft is trying to do just that, but exactly how does that make it stand out from the crowd and benefit us? And just how good are these XPS holosights?

To find out more, just keep on reading.

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