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Surefire – X400V-IR Tactical Weapon Light

Published on February 7, 2014 by in News, Products

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The X400V-IR weapon light has been eagerly anticipated for it’s combination of compact size, high power, and flexibility. It features SureFire’s latest-generation vampire head that allows the user to pull and rotate between visible light an IR illumination by simply twisting the light’s bezel. This capability is matched to a 5mw IR laser that allows shooters to seamlessly transition from rifle to pistol while using night vision. There will also be a X400V-IR-C version with a lower powered IR laser for sale on the commercial market.


The X400V-IR will run for 1.8 hours at 150 lumens of white light, and for 8 hours as a 120mw IR illuminator. The X-series weapon lights were originally manufactured for use on a railed pistol, but many have used them on long guns, where the small form factor and powerful throw is appreciated.


The versatile  X400V-IR provides the ability to select intense TIR lens focused white light or infrared illumination with a quick twist of its self-locking head, which also has a disable setting. It features a vibrant IR laser sight (850 nm) for aiming your handgun or Picatinny rail equipped long gun while using night vision devices. The X400V-IR features a selector switch that—in combination with its dual spectrum head—lets you choose a wide range of modes, including white light only, IR illumination only, IR laser only, or a combination of IR illumination plus laser. Optional remote switches for both handguns and long guns are also available for SureFire’s most advanced X-Series WeaponLight ever built. The SureFire X400V-IR produces 150 Lumens or 6,000 Candela of white light.

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