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Home 2015 September

Review: ForceCore Armament FC-109 M4 AEG


ForceCore is, to me and many Airsofters out there, a new name and a new player in the market. One of my latest reviews was a first for me, not just in terms of the brand itself but also in terms of an AEG which I had never seen or used before: the Spectre SMG.

So it was not so easy to gauge the actual quality of this brand (although the quality of the Spectre is seemingly good) since I had no other references.

Now with the AR15/M4 platform, things are a bit different since I consider myself not an expert, but someone who has owned enough M4s for long enough to be able to form an opinion on the subject!

So things are a bit clearer when looking at the FC-109 M4 AEG from Gunfire and it’s really interesting to find out how ForceCore is becoming more and more a brand to keep an eye on!

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Sébastien Lebrun – Gunfire


Great news from our friends from Gunfire where they now have a completely new generation of E&L AEG’s with a completely new gearbox and internals:

Completely new generation of E&L is here! New gearbox, new internals, the same great quality. Check it out!


We are glad to inform that we have just received E&L Gen.2 replicas! What are the most interesting changes? Definitely new gearbox with Quick Spring Release system, set of steel CNC gears, air seal nozzle with O-ring or one piece CNC steel cylinder.

That’s only a part of Gen.2 upgrades, the rest can be found in detailed product descriptions.

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Review: Sightmark Lopro Green Laser Designator


Lasers in Airsoft are always seen as non-essential and sometimes people fear them. If well-used, and used in the right circumstances and the right laser, it can even be very helpful for your gameplay. Usually most commercial grade lasers are allowed on Airsoft sites with the exception of blue lasers which usually have a far more powerful output.

In case you’re wondering what are considered “safe” lasers, most lasers with 5nW of power or under are safe. Of course the more under the 5nW you go the weaker the light will be and the harder it will be to see in a well-lit environment, including dimly lit environments.

Most Airsoft lasers you see lying around on eBay are way under 5nW, which makes them quite safe. However, most are rendered almost useless for Airsoft since the laser beam is so underpowered that in most medium to well-lit situations you’ll have a hard time seeing the laser, and sometimes even at close range!

So you want to go all the way to that limit and still maintain the level of safety where your opponents don’t need to wear laser safety glasses!

According to the FDA, with a 5nW laser, the reflexive blink of the eye will be enough to prevent any serious damage from these lasers. This usually causes temporary flash or blindness, but can injure the eye if you stare without blinking.

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